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                                                   Percent Rank Function Needed


2010-06-19 20:42:16

Perhaps I have missed this, but I can't seem to locate a percent rank function. Could you please help indicate the appropriate code.

That is, I need to create a function that transforms any vector array into a percent rank array.
For example, I need to look at the last 200 bar of the closing price, and for each bar, know what % that bar's closing price is within the prior 200 bars
(so, a price of 110, if it were the high of last 200 bars would be 100, if the low, it would be 0, etc.).
Typically, the function would be called as X = PERCENTRANK(CLOSE, 200);
Of course, variable close could be swapped for any other variable.

Also, could you kindly show how I would "call" this function within your other features (ranking systems, simulator, etc.)

Thanks - hopefully I can then use this as a learning step also.

2010-06-21 06:53:28


Best Answer

This function can be created using the "Create Functions" feature. However, I prefer to add it to the list of indicators so it can be highly optimized.
It will be available in the next release.

If you want me to create this function using "Create Functions" and send you the trading object, please let me know.

To use this function and any other function in ranking system or simulator, just type it:

2010-06-21 13:08:06


Thanks for the quick follow-up. Indicator would be fine, as long as it is "editable", so that I can test creating modified versions of the code (i.e., expanded to PERCENTRANK on multiple variables together, etc.).

I will also take a further look at your "Create Functions" feature - might be a good topic for an upcoming post :)


2010-06-22 06:29:54


Here is the PercentRank function:
Percentile - Percent Rank of a Trading Indicator

And here is a post about custom indicators:

Percentile - Percent Rank of a Trading Indicator (by QuantShare, uploaded several months ago)
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2010-06-22 09:05:35


Everything I could ask for and more!

I believe Percent Rank is a fundamental building block of time series analysis that will benefit many users.


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