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                                                   Horizontal line on the intraday chart with the day's opening price?


Josh McCormick
2020-07-15 15:15:06

I've been able to plot a horizontal line across my intraday chart with *yesterday's closing price*:

// Plot yesterday's closing value
prevclose=TimeFrameDecompress(TimeFrameApply (-1,close));
Plot (prevclose,"PREV CLOSE", colorDeepSkyBlue, ChartLine, StyleWidth2|StyleDashed|StyleHideYAxisValue);

QUESTION 1: What I really want to do is to plot a horizontal line across my intraday chart with *the current day's opening price*. Is there a straightfoward way to do this, or will I need to code something more complex?

UPDATE: I think I figured out how to do what I wanted. Is this the right way to do it?

// Plot each day's opening price across the Intraday chart
opening=BarsSince (day() != ref(day(),1)); // How many bars ago was the first bar of the day?
todayopened=Ref(open,opening); // Record the value of open() for that many bars ago.
Plot (todayopened,"OPEN",colorDeepSkyBlue, ChartLine, StyleWidth2|StyleDotted|StyleHideValues);

I saw that I could replace Ref(open,opening) with HistoPrice (_open,opening) but it doesn't seem to be any better.

QUESTION 2: Is there some sort of function like IsIntraday() so I can detect if I'm on an intraday chart?

2020-07-22 11:40:02


Best Answer
1/ It is correct. There is also another easier way:

c = HistoPrice(_open, 0);
plot(c, "");

2/ There is an IsEOD() function

Josh McCormick
2020-07-22 14:05:37


That's a lot more simple, thanks!

I had to make one more adjustment to avoid plotting a line across zero on the historical (daily) chart. Here's what I ended up with:
c = HistoPrice(_open, 0);
plot(max(c,(iseod()==1)*close), "");
UpdateColor (iseod()==1, ColorTransparent);

Based on my understanding of the scripting language, I can't do an if-then statement that will allow me to avoid the plot() function if IsEOD is true. So instead, when IsEOD is true, I set c to equal the closing value (to avoid stretching the vertical auto-scaling) and then an UpdateColor that sets the color to Transparent (so that it isn't shown on-screen).

If there is a way to use conditional IF...THEN...ELSE statements *in the scripting language* with functions like Plot(), let me know! :)

2020-07-24 16:36:35


No, this is not possible

2020-07-24 16:37:12


The only "if" you can do is with variables.
a = iff(condition, true, false);

Josh McCormick
2020-07-25 04:04:48


Good info, thanks.

For others who may end up reading this, I wanted to offer another If command that they might get some good use out of. When graphing the output of various indicators, you may want to apply a different text label (and, hey, let's go ahead and change the color too) depending on what the value of a variable might be.

Plot (a, IffStr(a>=0,"BULLS","BEAR"), colorBlack, ChartNone, StyleWidth3);
UpdateColor (a>0,colorGreen);
UpdateColor (a<0,colorRed);

But I'm getting off track here. Hey, thank you for the answers and the support!

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