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                                                   Limiting the scale of a candlestick chart with volume?


Josh McCormick
2020-07-07 16:36:10

I've got a pane that combines a candlestick chart with a volume chart (and a couple of info boxes).
I'm having problems controlling the scale of the volume chart. It wants to fill 100% of the pane.
How can I position the volume chart to be at the bottom of the pane and still consume no more than 20% of the vertical space?

FORMULA ===============================================
PrintChart(Name()." STOCK CHART", "", BottomCenter, colorBlack, colorBlack, colorWhite, 200);
p = SymbolInformation();

PlotCandleStick("Quotes", colorBrown|255|colorViolet|255|0, StyleSymbolVdash);
plot(volume, "Volume", colorLightGreen|100, ChartBar, StyleOwnScale|StyleHideValues|StyleHideYAxisValue);
UpdateSettings("Top-Bottom Chart Margin", 0);

SCREENSHOT =============================================

2020-07-09 12:10:45


I see a volume bar going to the "Date" text at the top. I don't see any issue here.
If that bar has a volume of say 100 and the other ones have 10 as volume then it is normal that the other bars will only take 10% of the chart height.

Josh McCormick
2020-07-09 13:24:04


The chart is not flawed, it just isn't what I'm after.

If instead, I want the largest volume bar to only reach a height of 20% (of the available space in the pane), how do I code that limitation?

My preference is to limit how much the volume chart can overlap with the stock chart. (See: Yahoo Finance stock charts)

2020-07-13 12:50:43


Best Answer
After the plot volume and updatecolor lines, add this:

Plot(volume * 5, "Volume", colorTransparent, ChartNone, StyleOwnScale);
UpdateSettings("MergeWithPreviousOwnScale", 1);

Other solutions:
You can put the volume on the lower pane or make it more transparent.

Josh McCormick
2020-07-13 20:50:57


MergeWithPreviousOwnScale? Awesome!
That fixed things up just *perfect*. Thank you, sir!

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