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Rajeev Upadhye
2018-09-23 02:27:06

I have created a following trading system


SetSimLongRank(((ema(5) - ref(ema(5),5))/5)* (100 * Volume/Avg(Volume,7)) );

// Buy rules

Rule1 = cross(ema(5),Sma(High,15));
Rule2 = (Close ) >= (300);
buy = (Rule1) && (Rule2);


This trading system when back tested gives some interesting results. I just checked if the "Rule1" of the trading system returns same returns stock same as those selected by trading system then I get BIG surprise.
The screener doesnt return **anything** for same dates and timeframe (I expect the screener to return same stocks on the previous date of entry date. Pls pls help.

2018-09-24 06:40:56


What formula did you use in the screener?
You need to use the "filter" variable in the screener.

Rajeev Upadhye
2018-09-24 10:26:56


I used the following -

var1 = cross(ema(5),sma(15,High));

AddColumn("Vol%", (100* Volume/Avg(Volume,7)));

filter = (var1);

2018-09-25 04:15:29


The screener will display all the symbols that passed the "var1" rule on a particular date.

In the simulator, on the day after that particular date (assuming you are buying on the next bar open), you may find orders or not, simply because your portfolio may be already full and doesn't allow any more position.

You said that the screener doesn't return any result. In that case, then you probably setting a wrong date for the screener or maybe you are are analyzing just few securities.

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