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                                                   Keyboard command for time-frame change


2014-01-24 15:16:34

Is there any keyboard command for changing chart time-frame? Also, for adding and reducing number of bars plotted as well as for scrolling the chart left and right.

2014-01-24 18:01:37


You should create custom shortcuts for this:

For scrolling the chart left and right, use "Left/Right" keys.

2014-02-01 06:36:01


I have created the short-cuts for historical data with the code:


Can we also refer to an intra-day time-frame using this simple code or does it require more definitions? I tried -3600 for hourlies but plots custom daily. Also, it would be good to have a quarterly time-frame also added in the available time-frames.

In plotfixed, the pane title goes too high and gets chopped. How to get the historical data to exclude any week-ends so that the plotfixed with dayofweek function do not show values for it.

2014-02-01 11:32:35


For historical periods, type:

Chart chart = Charts.GetSelectedChart();
chart.IsHistorical = true;

Thanks for reporting the "plotfixed" issue. It will be fixed soon.

2014-02-01 13:55:42


Got it. thanks. Also, two queries related to plot fixed:

1) If the chart has occassional week-end data, how to plot it excluding week-ends (for historical)?
2) Similar to dayofweek and dayofmonth, a weekofmonth could be useful if want to plot a fixed chart showing the performance during each of the weeks of the month ( 1 to 5).

Lastly, about the quarterly time-frame.

2014-02-01 17:04:39


Best Answer
1/ You can count Saturdays and Sundays as Fridays
dw = dayofweek();
a = iff(dw == 6 || dw == 7, 5, dw);

2/ Download this function from here: Week of Month

3/ Quarterly time-frame: We will add this to the todo list

Week of Month (by QuantShare, uploaded several months ago)
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