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Markus Neubauer
2021-08-20 07:55:03

Hello, "Auto-Manage Symbols" (menu symbol) seems to be outdated. I miss some symbols after using it for Hong Kong Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.
For example 9888.HK is missing (listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange). Also MRNA is missing (listed in NASDAQ).
I had also a look into the database (data, edit databases). There is also no entry for it (even not with empty quotes).
I tried it some times. Is there a known issue? Or is there a better alternative to get all symbols for an exchange?

2021-08-20 21:24:26


Hi Markus

I also found the "Auto Manage Symbols" to be outdated, for the ASX and NZX.

The easiest solution I found is to download the entire ASX database from the ASX website in .CSV format, load this into Excel or Calc, and using simple formulas, format the data for importing into QS. The NZX data is not as easy, basically just a copy and paste of the symbol data from the website into Calc, and format as above.

Re new listings / delisted companies, these lists are published online, so once a week I will tidy up the database. There is only around 2500 symbols on the ASX and NZX combined, so not overly difficult to manage.

I notice on the Nasdaq if you click on screener you can download the entire current database in .CSV format.

I guess if you are not paying for data like me, the above method would be the way most people are getting the symbols?

Markus Neubauer
2021-08-28 08:31:58


Hi David,

ok, I did it. First I had a look for a tool/screener with features like global symbols, CSV-download and data inclusive industry, exchange, symbol, full name/description (e.g. --> Menu Tools with Global stock research --> Global stock screener). Download per .csv .
Second I used in QS in Menu Symbol --> Import Symbols from a file --> Load file --> double click on the first row to choose the target field for relevant columns.
Then I used Menu Symbol --> Manage Symbols (Bulk Updater) to set e.g. the currency (depends on data source before). In the Bulk Updater I just put into the market field in the filter e.g. HKEX to filter all symbols for Hongkong Stock Exchange. Then I clicked with the right mouse button on the column currency and choosed select all. Then I wrote e.g. HKD in the field 'Update selected cells', Pushed Update and saved the changes.
For the index I again found a source with CSV-Export (e.g. for Hang Seng Index). Then it was easier for me not to use the import. I imported the file in Excel, short Excel formula for symbol format (leading 0), selected the entire column with the Symbols and STRG+C (copy) the entire symbol column. Then I QS again into the Manage Symbols (Bulk Updater) and there push 'Select Symbols'-> add a new condition -> Custom symbols --> click on the custom symbols line and add in the new windows with STRG-V (paste) the Symbols. Then the Symbols are selected in the Bulk updater and the index can be set. For this right click on column index > select all and then into Update selected cells write e.g. 'HangSeng|' and click Append and Save (always pipe at the end and append because of one Symbol can be part of more than one index).
After it the Downloader in Download -> Download Manager -> Historical Stock Market Data and check for some Symbols if the Download works (Symbol name depends sometimes on choosed downloader). Then it's done. More effort for Symbols than for Stock Quotes, but once it's done it works and to start with the full power of QS is possible for every exchange worldwide.
Just to add what is also important at the beginning:
a) Use Workspace for Multi Monitor (small icon on the bottom of the screen)
b) Link the charts (lower right corner of charts)
c) Add formulas (right click on chart -> edit formula -> e.g. add indicator)
d) Use dynamic watchlists (very powerfull with formulas)
e) Check very powerfull and very flexible Simulator for trading strategies (Menu Analysis -> Simulator); there is also a combination from trading strategies with fundamental data possible (already checked it with QuickRatio)


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