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                                                   Feature Request: LeftMostBar() or IsLeftMostBar()


Josh McCormick
2020-12-02 19:49:15

Title: LeftMostBar
Priority: Medium/High (I rarely flag one that high)

I've requested this feature before. It was turned down, but now that I'm running into more and more specific examples of where it is needed, I wanted to ask again:

I'd like a function that will return the position of the leftmost bar that is visible on-screen.

Preferred format --

integer = LeftMostBar (); ...or...
boolean = IsLeftMostBar ();

The first function would return the ID of the leftmost bar that is consistent with Count() and TotalBars().

The second function would return true if the current bar is the leftmost bar visible on-screen. Then if I want the number in a different way, I can use BarsSince(IsLeftMostBar()) or ValueWhen(IsLeftMostBar()) to turn it into some other value that I can work with.

The two most recent uses I had for this were:

1. A value I could compare against in the second parameter of PlotProfile so that I could limit the profile graph to just what is on-screen (or on-screen and beyond to the right), which is the most useful information I'd want a profile graph for.

2. A value I could compare against to highlight the on-screen gaps that have not since been filled in without polluting it with off-screen information.

Please give this feature request some further consideration. It's very useful and hopefully wouldn't be too difficult to implement.

Josh McCormick

2020-12-03 12:50:31

Hi Josh,

This is not possible as formulas are calculated once and not each time you move the chart.
The drawing tool script or the global script (Tools -> Script Editor) would be able to get visible bar's data but I understand that it may not be helpful for your use cases.

Josh McCormick
2020-12-03 13:07:03


I think I'll go ahead and pursue a custom script for myself. I'll be able to put the leftmost bar into a global variable and then pull that into my formula with GetVariable(). You make a strong point that formulas are not normally recalculated when you move the chart. That makes a great deal of sense. I'll probably have to use a SetVariable() function to set a flag to let my script know to update a chart when a formula is running that expects this behavior.

But still, you've explained this well enough. I get it now, thank you sir.

Josh McCormick

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