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Programming skills are not that important

Updated on 2009-09-08

Programming skills in finance
We are not talking here about advanced programming skills, just the basic ones, the simple ones, the ones that involve variables declaration, conditional statements, loops, use of functions... If you have some knowledge of programming languages, you can benefit from this and create or implement advanced trading-items that may help you become a better and more profitable trader.

Most professional trading software applications allow traders to create scripts using one of the traditional programming languages like JAVA, Visual Basic, C++, C# or JScript.Net... With the help of these scripts, the trader would be able to implement advanced trading systems, create custom metrics... The possibilities and features offered by these software programs become endless.

Is it necessary?
The quick answer to this question is no. Usually traders do not need programming knowledge, especially beginners. However advanced traders and investors who want to simulate complex strategies, create unique indicators or develop advanced metrics, must have some programming skills to implement what they need.

One of the great features of QuantShare is that it allows the beginner or the trader who does not know anything about programming to use the tools, the metrics, and the systems that advanced traders and skilled programmers use. This is possible, thanks to the Sharing server. Generally, you do not have to implement the feature you want to use, because there is a good chance that someone already implemented and shared it. If it is not the case, then you can always send us a request with what you want to achieve or implement and we will try our best to help you.

You can visit the last shared objects at the following location (Last uploaded objects), and use the "Select a Type" to search for a specific type of objects.

QuantShare offers users to implement scripts in the JScript.Net language. It is a .NET programming language developed by Microsoft and is the successor of the JScript language.
The Microsoft .Net Framework is a software framework that is installed on most machines running Windows operating systems. Linux users have also their implementation of the .NET framework called Mono.

Different types of scripts:
Several types of scripts can be implemented using the QuantShare trading software.
You can implement a script:
To create a metric to assess trading rules
To create a metric to assess ranking systems
To update quotes or custom data before they are saved into your databases
To create a fitness formula to assess neural network models
To define money management rules to be applied to a specific trading system
To create a custom vector-based indicator

Each script is only valid in its own context and environment. That is, all scripts use the same programming language, which is JScript.Net, but each one has its own functions, variables and input parameters.

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