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                                                   How to export historical data for a list of symbols


Ed Troy
2019-10-19 12:52:34

I created a very large database and successfully exported that to a csv file thanks to some posts on your forum. Now, I am wondering how I can just
export the historical data for a set of 10 or 20 symbols in that huge database by changing some lines in the script editor.

2019-10-20 18:21:09


You can get a list of symbols using the "Symbols" class: Symbols.GetSymbols("list name", "category name").

But before that you need to add a list of symbols that can be accessed by the "Symbols" class. You can do so using "Symbol -> Symbols View" menu.

Ed Troy
2019-10-20 18:48:44


I am not sure that I understand these instructions. Given, I have a huge database of historical data over the last 2 years or so. Let say that I want to download, or create a database, with the historical data from that huge database for the following stocks. How would I do it?


Again, I have created a huge database with end of day quotes for thousands of stocks. I just, now, need to figure out how to create quotes for these particular stocks, over a very particular time frame.

2019-10-21 09:28:09


So that I understand correctly, you have downloaded data within QuantShare and you want to export that data in CSV for certain symbols only, right?

Ed Troy
2019-10-21 13:57:19


Yes, that is correct. I created a database of thousands of stocks, and now I want to export the data for just certain stocks to csv.

Ed Troy
2019-10-22 10:46:16


So, for example, from that large database that I created, I now need to create a csv file for only, say, SILV, GLD, AU, and SBGL. How exactly, do I do that?

2019-10-22 10:48:52


Please check the following forum post:

But instead of using:
Symbol[] symbols = Symbols.GetSymbols();

You should use:
Symbol[] symbols = Symbols.GetSymbols("list name", "");

Where the list name can be created using this tool ("Symbol -> Symbols View")

Ed Troy
2019-10-22 12:14:43


I don't see a tool Symbol -> symbols view Where is it? How do I use it to create that list name?

2019-10-23 11:40:13


Please check the "Symbol" menu in QuantShare. You may need to click on the "Show more options" option in that menu to make the "Symbols View" appear.

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