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Looking for trading ideas

Updated on 2009-09-03

The Web is abundant with trading ideas, you can find there hundreds and even thousands accessible for free. One of the greatest sources of trading ideas is forums. In financial forums, investors and traders share their experiences, expose their last finding, publish their trading systems...
You can also find trading ideas in finance and investment websites, financial social media websites, subscription-based websites, online academic papers, blogs...

Authors of trading systems publish their results and methodologies for many reasons:
- The author simply wants to share its findings.
- The author wants to make his strategy available to public so other traders can help him improve it.
- The author publishes his strategy because it is no longer valid and has no edge anymore.

In order to filter these ideas and select only the ones that need further research and investigation, you have to gather some details about these public trading strategies: their back-testing results, for which market the strategy was developed?...
When performing your own analyzing and back testing, you will probably find that the majority of these public trading systems have little or no profitability, a lot of them will turn out to be losers. The strategy you have picked may have worked for a little while, or maybe its author has omitted to add transaction costs or has set a low slippage percentage (In case you are trading less liquid assets).

You should not use these strategies or trading systems directly; they are rather a means to get new and fresh ideas. Adding your own trading indicator, tweaking some rules, removing the ones that doesn't perform well (when testing them separately), optimizing some parameters, changing the exit rules or the holding period, may turn a public strategy into a profitable one.

The QuantShare sharing server is another way to find trading ideas. (The QuantShare sharing server is a server where users upload their trading objects and download other traders’ objects). You can download "List of Rules" or "Ranking Systems" items shared by other traders with just one mouse click. A List of rules item contains a collection of trading rules, while a ranking system item contains a list of rules and nodes with a weight and a factor for each one of them.

In the near future, you will also be able to share Trading systems, Money management rules, Neural network models..., you will be able to easily download them, back-test them and perform all the necessary changes and tweaks quickly and efficiently. This will definitely make the QuantShare server your principal source of trading ideas. You will not find better.

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