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allan nathan
2012-01-11 19:30:24

Hi all,
New to Quantshare and it looks like a great program.I am used to having a third party vendor for data,i.e quotes plus(who is out of business),Norgate Premium etc.
I am using the Yahoo downloader and for some reason am not downloading any indicies or stocks such as Spy.Any suggestions how I can familiarise the data management
process in QS.I am reading all the tutorials and videos.

Thanks in advance,


allan nathan
2012-01-12 10:46:17


Best Answer
I do see the tutorial to add symbols in the learning center.What I do not see is where I should click per the instruction

"Click here for information on how to add symbols along with other additional information"


2012-01-13 03:42:50


Hi Allan,

Here is how to add symbols with additional information:

To search for valid symbols & indices in Yahoo, please take a look at:

For example, ticker symbol of S&P500 Index is "^GSPC"

You can also instruct QuantShare to automatically manage your symbols list: (Stocks only)
In QuantShare application, select "Symbol" then "Auto-Manage Symbols"

Let me know if you have any question

allan nathan
2012-01-14 11:32:49


Thank you..
Currently using the Yahoo downloader,theer are over 8000 symbols not including indicies.many of the stocks do not trade.Is there a way I could set up a filter that only downloads stocks over 3 dollars and x average 30 day volume or is that done thru a watchlist?

thank you,


2012-01-16 04:24:22


You can use the "Auto-Manage Symbols" to get stocks for NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX only.

You can also create your filter using the watchlist tool and in "Symbols" tab of the downloader, add an "Internal List" condition and then select that watchlist.

allan nathan
2012-01-16 09:57:33


When I select Auto manage symbols and NY,NAS,Amex,it appears all ADR's will be deleted.Is that correct?

2012-01-16 13:19:17


If you select NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX then all OTC Bulletin Board or Pink Sheets stocks will be deleted if you set:

"Remove with/without confirmation" under "Securities removed" in "Actions" panel.

allan nathan
2012-01-16 15:01:05


I selected the Ny,Nas and Amex at the exchanges I want to track.Under actions,I selscted New securities found/Add with confirmation and I selected Securities removed,also with confirmation.When the Security Symbol Changes box pops up,there are 499 symbols to add,3827 to update and 4429 to remove.I checked the list for symbols to remove and many are no longer trading.I also noticed that ADR's such as TMX are selected to be deleted as well.That was suprising

I have apx 8200 stocks in the data manager,and well over half(4429) would be removed.Does that sound right to you?


2012-01-17 05:20:29


ADRs are currently not included in the database. We will add ADRs and ETFs later.

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