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                                                   How to detect that a symbol has user-added notes?


Josh McCormick
2020-11-14 12:39:15

This should be a simple question, but my brain has decided to go on vacation without me this week. What would be the way to detect if the user has created any notes for the current symbol? I'd like to store the result as a 1 (has notes) or a 0 (no notes) in the variable "HasNotes" to make an on-screen indicator (shown below). It would display a tiny blue box in the upper-right corner with the letter "N" if any notes exist for the current symbol:

PrintChart("N", "", TopRight, colorWhite, colorWhite, colorBlue, 255*HasNotes);

So... I guess I know that the Notes function (Control-N) stores the user's notes in a Custom Database called "_notes". I'm just fuzzy on how I'd code a test to see if it is empty or not?

Thanks much,
Josh McCormick

Kyra Packens
2020-11-15 18:49:21


See if this works for you:

note = GetDataCount('_notes', 'note');
has_note = lastvalue(sum(note));
PrintChart(iffstr(has_note, has_note."N", ""), "", TopRight, colorWhite, colorWhite, colorBlue, 255*has_note);

Or try this if you want an indicator on the date of the note:

PlotArrow(note, "note", AboveHigh, colorBlue);

-- KP

edit: fixed a bug

Josh McCormick
2020-11-15 19:51:23



A total count in the upper-right *and* a set of vertical arrows to individually call out each day on-screen that has notes? Quite nice! I'd say that 95% solves what I'm looking for!

As it turns out, the remaining 5% of the problem represents an unexpected twist:
Some of my notes are coming to me from the future! :) They're in the database, but the functions are only counting past and present notes. Any thoughts on how to count any upcoming notes? (Or some other way to obtain the complete total of entries in the _notes database?)

Very appreciated,
Josh McCormick

Kyra Packens
2020-11-15 21:07:08


Best Answer
Hmm, I think I understand what you're looking for. Try this:

note = GetDataCount('_notes', 'note');
total_notes = lastvalue(sum(note));
notes = sum(note);
notes_prior = sum(note);
notes_after = total_notes - notes_prior;

// The total number of notes for the symbol
PrintChart(iffstr(total_notes, total_notes."N", ""), "", TopRight, colorWhite, colorWhite, colorBlue, 255*total_notes);

// The total number of notes on or prior to the day the cursor is over
//PrintChart(iffstr(total_notes, notes_prior."N", ""), "", TopRight, colorWhite, colorWhite, colorBlue, 255*total_notes);

// The total number of notes after the day the cursor is over
//PrintChart(iffstr(total_notes, notes_after."N", ""), "", TopRight, colorWhite, colorWhite, colorBlue, 255*total_notes);

Hope it helps!
-- KP

Josh McCormick
2020-11-24 17:22:25


That is VERY NICE Kyra, thank you!

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