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                                                   Making better use of multiple panes?


Josh McCormick
2020-07-05 23:26:04

Howdy, everyone! I'm regularly working with multiple panes and two things are really starting to bug me:

1. The separation between each pane only seems to be about one pixel tall.
2. Every pane has the date in the upper-left which I'd really rather put to better use.
3. I like having the pane title in the top-center. But it seems that all my data wants to go top-left to top-right.


Can any of these things be changed?

PS: Anyone interested in making a technical indicator that automatically marks up all the support and resistance lines on a stock? I've put some thought to it lately, and I think I've got some psuedocode that'll make some optimized selections.

2020-07-06 12:26:08


Best Answer

1/ Even if it is one pixel tall, the selection is few pixels. This cannot be changed
2/ Date cannot be removed
3/ The chart title location and orientation is controlled by Windows and cannot be changed within QuantShare

Josh McCormick
2020-09-03 16:22:00


An update:

I found a forum message from 2010 which allows you to remove the date from a pane... as long as you're willing to remove ALL the other text at the top and the buttons in the upper-left. Potentially useful, right?

UpdateSettings("Full Pane", 1);

I've got three panes (about 26 pixels tall each) that each provide a color-coded status of a custom indicator. With the line above, the chart's display is nice and clean and doesn't have any text writing over the indicators. I thought I'd pass this along in case anyone else might find some value from it.

PS: It looks like it also made it into an official post (in the screenshot, look at the area BELOW the price chart):

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