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                                                   Unable to use Symbols.GetSymbols() in a custom downloader URL script


2018-11-21 08:02:27

I'm adding a new custom downloader. I am creating a URL script so that I can download end of day data for various instrument types such as stocks and currencies.
In the URL script I am unable to call Symbols.GetSymbols() to get a list of all the symobls so that I can create a custom URL depending on whether the symbol is a stock
, currency or whatever other type of instrument. I am finding the scripting a bit inconsistent in that in some case I can access certain built in functions and in others I cannot.
Can you please give me a example of how I can access a list of all the symbols in the URL script ?


2018-11-21 10:57:16


Each part of the application has its own scripting function.

The URL-Script can use the symbols you are referring in the "Symbols" tab of the downloader.
string[] values = Functions.GetAllValues("parameter name");
Will get all symbols you specify in the "Symbols" tab. "Parameter name" is the field name associated with "Symbol" type.

You can still get all symbols in your database without this. Here is how to get access to the "Symbols" class.
using QuantShare.Scripting;
Symbols sym = new Symbols();
Symbol[] symbols = sym.GetSymbols();

2018-12-05 10:06:10


I have tried using this in the Downloader Pre Sscript, but the approach using the Symbols Class does not work, I get a compilation error, can you recommend how I can access the Symbols class from the Pre Script.

The basic error I get is as follows:

The type of namescpae name Symbol could not found, missing assembly reference.

2018-12-06 02:30:02


You cannot access "Symbol" from the pre script, but why do you need to use this in the pre-script? You can use the post script.
Otherwise there should be another solution for this. For example, you can get all symbols (in a string[] Array) in the URL-script and pass the result to a global variable using the "Global" class. Then in the pre script, you can access to all symbols by accessing the previously defined global variable.

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