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                                                   Failure during download of historic Stock Market Data


2017-07-20 21:20:20

Recently, Quantshare failed to download historic Stock Market Data. In the 'Progress' field I see the message 'NameResolutionFailure' for every stock symbols.
Any thoughts?



2017-07-21 05:55:28


Make sure you are using the last version of the downloader:

2017-07-21 11:44:02


Thanks. It works !

Andrew Sabak
2017-11-01 16:10:46


Where do you actually do the following?

Make sure you are using the last version of the downloader:

I get the same error and don't see anywhere to specify the url to use.

Andrew Sabak
2017-11-01 16:15:51


Followup: when I did the "download" on the mentioned website and then double-click, it throws me into a page to buy something for $95. But since I already have a lifetime account (about $250) and only want to download data as I have previously for several years, how do I bypass this and just install the proposed new version?

2017-11-02 04:39:47



The lifetime license allows you to use QuantShare for life and offers you one year of free upgrades and access to the sharing server. Upgrade is not mandatory and it costs $95.

Please contact support by email if you just want a newer version of this item.

Andrew Sabak
2017-11-02 09:21:59


Thanks for responding.
I don't need to "upgrade" at this time, since it has been working fine for what I have wanted so far.
The only detail is that the Download Historical Data feature has ceased working. (from I believe)
I just want to regain what was already there!
I don't any sort of need to "upgrade" back to a past working version.
If I have to pay $95 to regain what I already paid for and HAD been working fine (the ability to download free historical data ONLY), I don't think I'll use the program any longer.

Andrew Sabak
2017-11-02 10:03:16


I looked into the Update / Parser area again and found the following message:
Retry 2 Browsing Started URL :
Data: s=BA

When I highlight the URL and try running independently, it gives the error message (and the Internet is available):
Server not found
Firefox can%u2019t find the server at
In fact, there seems to be no such URL any longer.
So it looks like the Quantshare Downloader program has an invalid URL for the Yahoo feed.
It has been a while since I last tried downloading, so I don't know when this error crept in.
Can this be changed easily without having to pay an additional $95?
My workaround is just to go to, download the daily quotes for free, run my own program to reformat the date,
and import into Quantshare using the [Data / ASCII Import] function.
But it would be more convenient to have Quantshare run properly on its own.

2017-11-03 07:57:34


Please contact support at quantshare dot com for more information, they can help you get the new downloader without paying additional fees if you already downloaded that item before.

Andrew Sabak
2017-11-03 14:43:23


I think it's clearer now, that I have to subscribe for a year to the "Sharing Server" (which I haven't used for years except the first year), so can't download any new contributed shared software from the Quantshare website. That didn't matter at all until now, when Yahoo suddenly changed its policy to disallow mass downloading of stock EOD quotes.

So I would then need to subscribe to the Sharing Server for a year ($95) to download the new downloader, from whoever that might be, since it is not YOUR software which quit working but someone else's is unavailable. Since I have not previously downloaded any non-Yahoo downloader within the Quantshare environment, then the above offer doesn't apply.

Thanks! It worked!

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