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                                                   An example for Excel COM automation - Further joint development?


Alexander Horn
2014-01-16 21:25:28

In the forum there are several posts re Excel automation, seems that for one or the other reason we all use good old Excel for either debugging purposes, import of data, or interaction with excel number crunching....

As up to my knowledge there has been little shared knowledge so far, here a script that shows some automation using the standard Excel COM functionality, e.g. new file, write, read, chart, close, etc.
"Excel_Com_Demonstration.azf" on
See instructions for usage in script.

I'd suggest that either QS or we, the community, develop some further standard classes / functions in QS for the basic interactions with Excel, so we can use in basic and special AMM / Chart and Simulation scripts more easily..

Any interest?


P.D: Also former invite to collaborate on TAA / Asset rotation features like Charts, strategies, etc is still open, just let me know...

Dave W.
2014-01-21 03:28:27


Alexander - Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. I'd love to contribute to classes / standard functions, but don't currently have the C# skills. That said, if there are things that would be of value to me as well as the community, I'd be willing to pay to have things coded.

I currently don't have a clear vision of how I'd use the Excel integration. If you have specific ideas of how it might be used, maybe we could start a list and see what applications would have broad appeal.

2014-01-21 13:15:18


Hi Alexander,

We just added a new blog post about Excel COM Automation, please check it here:

Alexander Horn
2014-01-21 21:38:31


Dear QS team,

thanks for taking this up and improving my laymen code example! Let's see if somebody els jumps on the train to further develop.

Excel also accepts range to array / array to range like this, that seems faster and more convenient for large arrays:
Example using your code from blog:

public void FillExcelRange(Excel.Worksheet sheet, string[,] data)
Excel.Range range = sheet.get_Range("A1", "A1").get_Resize(data.GetLength(0),data.GetLength(1));
range.Value2 = data;

Filling up the data arrays over several colums..

Thanks again,

2014-01-21 22:43:03


You are completely right, updating cells one by one is very slower.

Gilari Decosta
2014-01-22 21:53:04


I wish if I could join this joint development.But my programming knowledge is nil.So Let me provide a link where this programming aspect is explained in simple step ,with a hope that it may help somebody to contribute to this thread meaningfully


Gilari Decosta
2014-01-24 20:59:09


In India,No Broker provide Trading Terminal with DDE capabilty and tick data is not available easily.So only mean to get RT tick data to QS is through excel that is connected to TT through RTD.
QS has provided a sample code to retrieve data from excel in last blog
I hope somebody with programming skill may develop it further such that it may replace DDE pluggin


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