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How to create a watchlist

Updated on 2012-06-16 10:52:13

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First, let us open the watchlist form:
- Select "Tools" then "Watchlist"

There are several types of watchlists:

Basic watchlist: Symbols are selected based on one or several conditions. These conditions are based on pre-calculated values (such as the number of quotes, the last price, the last volume, the symbol name).

- Click on "Create" (top link in the watchlist form) then on "Create a basic watchlist"

Static watchlist: You specify the symbols that your watchlist should include

- Click on "Create" then on "Create a static watchlist"
- Enter one symbol per line then click on "OK"
- Type the watchlist name then click on "Save"

Dynamic watchlist: This is the most advanced type of watchlist. It allows you to create watchlists based on one or several trading rules.

- Click on "Create" then on "Create a dynamic watchlist"
- Select symbols using the "Select Symbols" control (as with the basic watchlist) then click on "Next"
- Type your rules

You can use the "Switch to..." button to use the formula editor or the rules editor (Wizard)

- Find stocks whose price is higher than $2 and higher than the 30-bar simple moving average

Using the Wizard:

close > 2
close > sma(30)

Using the formula editor:

var1 = close > 2;
var2 = close > sma(30);
filter = (var1) && (var2); // The result must be assigned to the "filter" variable

You can add a column to the watchlist view by using the "AddColumn" function.

Example: Add RSI value
AddColumn("RSI", rsi(14));

Alternatively, you can add predefined columns by selecting an item in the "Add Columns" list.
Predefined columns can be created using "Analysis -> Columns Set".

Under "Settings" panel, you can select whether to find stocks/securities whose filter condition is true on the last bar only, on the last N-bars or on the last N-days.

In "Period" panel, select a time frame then click on "Finish" to create your dynamic watchlist.

Note the dynamic watchlist is automatically when new quotes are detected (Example: When you download new data, the watchlist updates itself). You can disable this behavior by right clicking on the watchlist table then selecting "Settings".

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