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Symbols Selection

Symbols Selection

1. Symbols Selection


1.1. Symbols selection control


You will often need to select certain symbols among the list of all available symbols.
Whether it is for creating a composite, a trading system or a watch-list, the process of symbols selection is very easy.
We have created a unique control that is used by all the plug-ins.



You can select symbols using a single or a combination of filters:


         By group: select symbols that belongs to specified groups

         By sector: select symbols that belongs to specified sectors

         By Industry: select symbols that belongs to specified industries

         By Index: select symbols that belongs to specified indexes

         By Market: select symbols that belongs to specified markets

         By Entering symbols (list): click on 'select symbols', then enter manually the symbols you want to include.

         Randomly: type a value from 0 to 100. Zero means select no symbols, and 100 means select all symbols.

         Custom filter: create a custom filter (see custom filter section)


In order for a symbol to be selected, it must pass all the filters.
You can also make the filter act differently by clicking on the icon as shown in the picture below.




Total symbols: 8000.

Filter1: Random; 50 percent. Number of symbols that passed the filter: 4000.

Number of symbols selected: 4000 symbols.


Filter2: Symbols whose names begin with 'a'. Number of symbols that passed the filter: 700.

Number of symbols selected: 380 symbols.

Because of the way the 'Random' filter is used in this selection process, if you run these filters again, you may end up with slightly different results.



1.2. Custom Filter


When selecting a custom filter, you can use pre-calculated data to filter symbols.
A Pre-calculated data can be a number, a text, a date or a boolean (true or false).
For each type you have to enter or select one or more values in order to create the filter.



Example: number of drawing objects.


You have to specify the start and the end values. All symbols that have a number of drawing objects within these values will be selected.


Example: date of last quote


You have to specify the start date and the end date.



Example: active symbols (active)



You have to choose between TRUE or FALSE.



Example: symbol name (name)


You have to enter one or more values. Values are separated by semicolon.

A value can contain the following characters: (multiply *), (point .)


A: select the symbol which name is 'A'.

A*: select symbols whose name start with 'A'.

A.(1 point): select symbols whose names start with 'A' and have only two characters.

A..(2 points): select symbols whose names start with 'A' and have only three characters.

*A*: select symbols whose names contain the character 'A'.

A*;B*: select symbols whose names start with 'A' or 'B'.





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