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QuantShare Version Updates

What's New in Version 3.7.0:
(Released on 2019-11-21)

- New bookmark tool
- New profile function (Custom functions) to get details about each bucket
- Added built-in quarterly time frame
- New "Median" calculation method in composite function
- Support for a new Indian data feed (
- Ability to use SPACE in screener to scroll through symbols and displaying them in a chart
- Improved the free IEX real time data feed
- Update and fix of several data providers in the Auto Manage symbols tool
- Fixed several minor issues

What's New in Version 3.6.0:
(Released on 2018-07-19)

- New free real time feed (from IEX exchange)
- New custom feed where you can send tick data directly from the script editor
- Improved the "Regime" tool/chart in the simulation report
- Alerts tool and DrawItem function now works with drawing data in lower panes
- Ability to sort watchlist by symbol name
- Fixed issue with Stops triggering multiples under certain conditions in the OnClosePosition event
- Fixed several minor issues

What's New in Version 3.5.0:
(Released on 2017-06-29)

- New MarketDepth (Level 2) event in the money management event
- New Functions.SubscribeSymbol function in the real time money management OnStart event
- Added Ability to call a global script from another global script (Tools -> Script Editor)
- Added ability to define custom fitness functions in the Walk forward testing tool (Simulator)
- Added ability to save and load templates for the backtest report summary
- Added ability to print charts (Right click on the chart)
- Added ability to create alerts from the "Events Monitor" tool
- Added ability to manually set the width of the symbol column in the watchlist
- Fixed Yahoo Feed plugin
- Fixed several minor issues

What's New in Version 3.4.3:
(Released on 2016-09-09)

- Ability to display daily, weekly, month and yearly correlations across systems (in Combine Systems tool)
- New functions to create and update trading orders from the script tool (Tools -> Script Editor)
- New percentage axis
- Ability to keep crosshairs visible while drawing (CONTROL pressed)
- Drawing data on lower chart panes are now saved
- New Events Monitor tool (Tools -> Events Monitor)
- Ability to create weekly, monthly and yearly neural network models
- Ability to append text to the Y-axis
- Fix issue with the vertical line not going lower than 1 in the Log scale
- Fix several minor issues

What's New in Version 3.4.2:
(Released on 2016-05-04)

- Undo/Redo feature for charts (CONTROL Z/Y)
- Control to create pivot tables, like screens, and perform quantitative analysis
- Lock a chart feature (Right click on the chart)
- Ability to parse and import Metastock data in the downloader
- Ability to display Time&Sales bid/ask in the same row
- Ask/Bid data can now be imported in the ASCII import and downloader tools
- Orders can now be executed on the bid/ask when available and when backtesting with tick data
- Ability to compare daily, weekly... returns with benchmark in trading system report
- Ability for several "ownscale" curves to share the same scale
- Implemented few improvements and fixes to the Grid Tool
- Several bug fixes

What's New in Version 3.4.1:
(Released on 2015-09-29)

- New Quote Sheet control (Tools -> Quote Sheet)
- New Recent Orders control (Portfolio -> Recent Orders)
- Ability to generate HTML reports from the simulation results
- Scale-in/out arrows are shown now when plotting system entries/exits on a chart
- Ability to display full name (next to ticker) in "Symbols View", "Symbols by Industry/Sector" and watchlists
- "getseries" function is now updated in real time when using a real time feed in a daily chart

What's New in Version 3.4.0:
(Released on 2015-06-03)

- New Meta-Strategy simulator: Ability to combine and optimize multiple trading systems
- New Interactive Brokers plug-in improved and supporting 64bit OS
- Added a new "Charts list" control that display all opened charts (View -> Charts List)
- Added a new "OnTimer" event in the money management script associated with automated trading
- New "Equity/Bucket Analysis" tool in the simulation report under "Analysis" tab
- Added the ability to password protect your trading systems
- Ability to increase X-axis and Y-axis font size (Right click a chart then select "Chart Settings")
- Added the ability to backtest and optimize a trading system directly from the editor
- When backtesting intraday systems, you can now create a ticker from the equity curve by right clicking on the equity curve line
- Implemented the ability to get system name, time frame... from the "TradingSystemSettings" object in the money management script

What's New in Version 3.3.2:
(Released on 2015-03-10)

- Ability to update position sizing from QS language (SetSimPosSize)
- Added support to stockwatch data provider
- New "comments, points to profit/stop target and custom date" columns in the "Portfolio Open Positions" control
- Combine trading systems: The report now displays from which system each trade comes from ("Trades" tab)
- Ability to optimize periods in the "SetSimPeriods" function
- Ability to update font size of the different script editors
- Ability to read MM input values from the script editor
- Ability to export nodes data from the ranking system
- Optimizer: Chromosome value is now accessible from the Fitness formula
- Several minor updates and bug fixes

What's New in Version 3.3.1:
(Released on 2014-12-04)

- Ability to add several metrics to the AI optimizer report (OptimizerMetrics.AddMetric)
- Added a new "Metric Analysis" tool in the AI optimizer report (Analyze the impact of in-sample metrics on the out-of-sample result)
- Ability to test your strategy against several market regimes ("Regimes" tab in the simulation report)
- Added total slippage cost to the simulation report
- Ability to get next day's orders from global script
- Ability to set AMM inputs from the global script
- Update: Advanced reports generated by the portfolio tool
- Fix: Task scheduler with Windows 7/8 versions
- Fix: Volume adjusted now when performing a manual split
- Several minor bug fixes

What's New in Version 3.2.1:
(Released on 2014-08-20)

- Ability to get real time data from RTD servers (besides DDE servers)
- Ability to create Renko charts
- Added an "Analysis" tab to the simulator report. You would be able to display performance per symbol, group performance by segments...
- Added "Simulator" class in the C# script editor to run backtests and get reports programmatically
- Added "Composite" class in the C# script editor to dynamically create composites (Example: Once composite for each sector)
- Ability to specify whether to backfill securities before starting an ATS for each portfolio
- Ability to update text, background, keyword... color of the script editors
- Ability to download data directly for non-up-to-date securities in a portfolio
- Ability to type rules in a text box control and add them to the rules manager (Tools -> Create rules from text)
- Ability to select a chart and type a symbol to update that chart
- Ability to specify time zones (exchanges) in minutes
- Ability to create ticker symbols with more than 35 characters

What's New in Version 3.1.2:
(Released on 2014-04-17)

- Search and replace control in script editors (QS language and C# - CONTROL+F to open the control)
- Ability to send OCA and OSO orders in simulator and ATS (AddChildOrder and AddLinkedOrder methods in "_TradingOrder" class)
- Ability to disable one or several money management scripts within QS language (Example: SetSimSetting(_DisableMMScript, 0);)
- Several changes and improvement done to the ranking system tool
- using DDE as data feed connection, it is now possible to backfill data using another connection or a downloader
- Ability to get order ID and order Date from orders in the money management script
- Several minor fixes

What's New in Version 3.1.1:
(Released on 2014-02-03)

- Ability to run billions of optimizations using the optimizer and AI optimizer tools
- New events feature that allows you to catch events (symbols, ticks, level2...) and send custom events from the script editor (Global.SubscribeEvent, Global.SendEvent)
- Link appears on chart to backfill more data when the first quote is displayed
- Improved (Symbol -> Symbol Lookup) tool and ability to get symbols directly from IB
- Tools such as watchlists, charts, time&sales... automatically stream data when their corresponding data feed is connected
- Ability to display more columns in the simulator manager
- Ability to drag and drop trading systems to move their orders or to move one trading system to a specific category
- Display MM inputs in the simulation report
- Fixed issue when selecting exchanges (Accounts -> Intraday Settings -> Exchanges)
- Fixed issue when playing tick data with the replay tool
- Fixed several minor issues

What's New in Version 3.0.1:
(Released on 2013-11-18)

- Ability to stream real time data when using a daily, weekly... chart (EOD and Intraday data are merged)
- Ability to get bid/ask data in custom function (cFunctions.GetBidAskData)
- Replay tool can now read lower time frame data and replay it (Example: Replay tick data on minute chart)
- Added functions in the "Net" class to read JSON data (Example: Reads JSON data in the downloader and easily parses it)
- Added volume filter in the Time & Sales tool
- Added new "topCenter, middleCenter..." fields to the "PrintChart" function (QS language)
- Ability to copy cells from Excel and paste them into QuantShare grid tool
- Ability to see when a trading item was created or uploaded (In "Manager" control)
- Several other minor implementations
- Fixed issue when working with metastock database and switching between different accounts
- Fixed several minor issues

What's New in Version 3.0.0:
(Released on 2013-09-02)

- New real time version
- Real time charts, time&sales, market depth, backfill...
- Alerts tool
- New grid tool (like excel)
- Real time watchlists
- Added new functions in the script editor to adjust price data (splits/dividends)
- Issue fixed in Range bars
- Several minor bugs fixed

What's New in Version 2.9.9:
(Released on 2013-05-23)

- Added a new 64bit version (QuantShare64.exe)
- Ability to open several money management editors at the same time
- Fixed issue with intra-day bars that split at midnight
- Fixed several minors issues

What's New in Version 2.9.8:
(Released on 2013-04-12)

- Replay Tool: Added several order types and several issues were fixed
- Walk-Forward Testing: Added several new metrics in the report and ability to export data to excel
- Added a new "cFunctions.CompileFormula" in "Tools -> Create Functions". This one will allow you to perform intraday calculations while working with EOD data.
- Added ability to use C# "using" keyword to reference external DLLs
- Screener: Include column headers when exporting data
- Several minor issues fixed

What's New in Version 2.9.7:
(Released on 2013-02-22)

- Replay Tool (Tools -> Replay Tool)
- Walk-Forward Testing (Simulator Manager -> Optimize -> Walk-Forward Testing)
- Ability to associate a layout to a watchlist (Right click on watchlist -> Settings)
- Ability to organize trading items using drag & drop operations
- Save and load trading system reports (from a file)
- Backtester now begins at the start date (Used to begin the next bar)
Note: You may see changes in metrics when backtesting existing trading system, this is because the start bar is now different.
- Save sub-pane drawings in managed charts
- Delete symbols using "DEL" key in Static Watchlists

What's New in Version 2.9.6:
(Released on 2013-01-02)

- Ability to reference external Dlls in scripts
- Ability to open multiple watchlist forms (Right click on watchlist -> Create new watchlist)
- Added monthly, weekly and custom historical periods in AI optimizer
- Ability to use the same scale for graphs in the backtesting report
- Ability to create and save images from charts in C# script
- Option to manually save trading system reports
- Improved metastock plug-in memory usage
- Fixed charts order when opening a workspace
- Several minor bug fixes

What's New in Version 2.9.5:
(Released on 2012-11-19)

- Added multithreading capability to the AI Optimizer (PBIL algorithm)
- Added a new simulated order in Money management script (Define a custom entry/exit price)
- Added more features to the Metastock plug-in
- Updated MAE/MFE charts to show percentage of positive and negative trades
- Ability to use percentage for margin deposit (use negative values. ie: -50)
- Button to export data in the statistics tab of the simulator report
- Button to enable/disable futures mode in backtester (Update trading system)

What's New in Version 2.9.4:
(Released on 2012-10-15)

- Multithreading optimizer capability
- Ability to protect functions and screens with a password
- Simulator -> Trades -> Open Chart (right click) now opens the chart on the trade's execution date
- Simulator MAE/MFE scatter charts
- Ability to export the "debug data" that appears when you right click on a QS formula editor
- Fixed problem with "Timeframeset" function when used with custom indicators
- Fixed several minor issues

What's New in Version 2.9.3:
(Released on 2012-09-13)

- Auto-manage symbols tool now supports multiple exchanges
- Added a new plug-in that allows you to display stocks by sector, industry, market and index
- Ability to use weekly, monthly and custom periods in the composite plug-in
- Added a new "Composite" class in Global Script
- Ability to reference symbol information in custom drawing tool script
- Ability to get auto support and resistance lines for indicators (Custom function: TA.AutoSR)
- Fixed many minor issues

What's New in Version 2.9.2:
(Released on 2012-08-14)

- Profile Graphs (Volume profile, Indicator profile... using the "PlotProfile" function)
- Added a new "Global" event in Money Management to help you create global variables and functions
- Added a new function "TA.AutoSR" in the custom indicator editor ("Tools -> Create Function")
- Ranking system supports now intraday periods
- Ability to create a notification when AI optimizer is completed
- Show dates in simulator report charts when backtesting intraday strategies
- Fixed many minor issues

What's New in Version 2.9.1:
(Released on 2012-06-27)

- QuantShare supports now Metastock data (Download -> External Database)
- AI Optimizer (Trading System) supports short/cover rules
- AI Optimizer (Trading System) allows optimization of OR/AND operators
- Ability to choose whether to use bars outside regular session (intraday) or not in backtester, watchlist, screener...
- Ability to change chart type from script editor
- Fix issue when drawing Point & Figure charts
- Fix several minor issues
- Note: Lifetime users have to lock their application again if they want to use it offline

What's New in Version 2.8.5:
(Released on 2012-05-28)

- Ability to export optimization results (AI Optimizer)
- Ability to specify seconds & milliseconds when importing trades into a portfolio
- Added a new pre-calculated field (Quotes -> Max %Gap in last 5 bars)
- Ability to specify a date when calling the screener using (Tools -> Script Editor)
- Added a new field (Extend Factor) to some drawing tools to control the number of bars to use for drawing (Example: Fibonacci retracement)

What's New in Version 2.8.4:
(Released on 2012-04-20)

- Portfolio tool now tells you whether you data is up-to-date or not
- Added new functions to the "Portfolio" class (Script Editor)
- Ability to update chart symbol from bottom menu
- Redesign of the "Create Portfolio" control
- Several minor bug fixes

What's New in Version 2.8.3:
(Released on 2012-04-10)

- Added new feature to optimize trading systems in AI optimizer
- Added in-sample and out-of-sample testing in AI Optimizer
- Ability to get symbols from watchlists & screens using the script editor (global script)
- Added ability to send emails from the script editor
- Money Management: Create stop & stop limit order types
- Ability to export rules analyzer results

What's New in Version 2.8.1:
(Released on 2012-03-07)

- Added "Portfolio" class in global script to generate signals and get orders programmatically
- Option to add a symbol in database when a user type it in the Symbols input box
- Fixed issue when using historical data in a intraday chart
- Fixed issue in graph distribution for pre-calculated item "Days since last quote"
- Fixed several minor issues

What's New in Version 2.7.3:
(Released on 2012-02-17) - Beta

- New combined simulations tool
- Ability to run watchlists and screens from the global script
- Ability to add screen shortcuts (Bookmark Panel)
- Ability to import trading items from one account to another
- Ability to list all formulas with indices in Rules Manager
- Show potential reasons why a portfolio do not generate signals
- Date/Time in intraday bar refers now to the end of the interval
- Fixed issue when using task manager with Windows 7
- Fixed issue in P123 Plug-in
- Several minor bug fixes

What's New in Version 2.7.2:
(Released on 2012-01-25)

- Ability to create trading system templates
- Ability to add several metrics to the trading system grid (in Simulator Manager)
- Added an option to set the minimum commission per trade (Trading System)
- Improved the ASCII Importer so it can parse more files with less memory usage
- New "AddCash" function in the Money Management tool
- Chart pane can be maximized by double clicking on it while pressing on CONTROL
- Chart can be maximized and minimized by double clicking on its tab
- Static watchlist can contain more than 5000 symbols now
- Fixed issue filling drawing items when log scale is selected
- Fixed issue copying a drawing item when log scale is selected
- Fixed several other minor issues

What's New in Version 2.7.1:
(Released on 2012-01-23) - Beta

- Ability to create trading system templates
- Ability to add several metrics to the trading system grid (in Simulator Manager)
- Added an option to set the minimum commission per trade (Trading System)
- Improved the ASCII Importer so it can parse more files with less memory usage
- New "AddCash" function in the Money Management tool
- Chart pane can be maximized by double clicking on it while pressing on CONTROL
- Chart can be maximized and minimized by double clicking on its tab
- Static watchlist can contain more than 5000 symbols now
- Fixed issue filling drawing items when log scale is selected
- Fixed issue copying a drawing item when log scale is selected
- Fixed several other minor issues

What's New in Version 2.6.1:
(Released on 2012-01-03)

- New Auto-Manage symbols tool tracks selected exchanges symbols and automatically updates your database
- HHV and LLV functions now support high period values
- Fixed issue when setting portfolio initial capital with margin > 1
- Fixed minor issue when copying drawing tool items
- Several minor bug fixes

What's New in Version 2.5.3:
(Released on 2011-11-26)

- User Interface changes for the screener tool
- Added more options to the "Combined Portfolios" tool
- Active chart bar is automatically displayed when a news/field item is selected (Database Data)
- Option to select whether to auto-refresh charts when download is complete
- Added a new option to change the way pending orders are handled (Simulator -> Capital)
- Ability to remove and update cash transaction in portfolio tool
- Fixed problem with "GetVariable" and "SetVariable" (Global functions) at application startup
- Fixed problem when running simulation in weekly time frame
- Fixed several bugs and exceptions

What's New in Version 2.5.2:
(Released on 2011-10-20)

- New automatic support and resistance tool
- Create reports of combined portfolios
- Added two order types in the simulator: stop order and stop limit order
- Ability to import trades to a portfolio from a file or another portfolio
- Ability to import trades to a portfolio from a trading system report
- In portfolio, you can now update a position settings after it is closed
- Added a context menu when you right click on a portfolio
- Minor updates and bug fixes

What's New in Version 2.4.4:
(Released on 2011-09-22)

- New Monte Carlo simulations tool in Simulator Report
- Complete logic redesign of the "Manage Charts" tool
- Ability to create advanced reports in the portfolio plug-in
- Ability to import historical trades in a portfolio
- New plug-in for "R" math
- Ability to perform vector operations in the "Create Functions" script
- New design for MDI chart tabs
- Improved portfolio loading speed
- Application now remembers open/close state of item categories
- Ability to enable/disable a formula for a specific time-frame

What's New in Version 2.4.1:
(Released on 2011-05-20)

- "Manage charts" tool allows you to save charts
- Added new chart types: Point & Figure, Heikin Ashi and Kagi.
- Downloading data is much faster now for "downloaders by date"
- Ability to save/load drawing data into a separate file
- Access to old simulation reports without running backtest again
- Option to move drawing items by tick size
- Added Portfolios in the "InternalList" criteria method (Symbols Selection)
- Optimization of the "Correl" function (Correlation)
- Button to apply a custom indicator to the selected chart (From the Custom functions Tool)
- Added more font specifications in the custom drawing tool "font" class
- Added "ApplyRule" function. It executes a rule from a saved list of rules
- Ability to draw circles and squares using the ellipse and rectangle tool (Press on ALT)
- Fixed some problems when using drawing tools with the log scale
- Fixed several minor bugs

What's New in Version 2.3.2:
(Released on 2011-04-25)

New Version:
- Download Intraday data directly from the chart (bottom-right circle icon)
- More functions and capabilities added to the custom drawing tools plug-in
- Input field in the horizontal line drawing item to set the exact Y-value
- Angle field was added to Gann drawing items
- The 200 symbols limit (backtesting) was increased to 10,000
- Fixed drawing items problem when switching between linear and log scale
- You can specify the number of minutes to wait before sending data download updates to other plug-ins. Previously, downloaders inform plug-ins of new data only when the download process is complete.
- Remove several rows at once in the "Edit Database" form

What's New in Version 2.3.1:
(Released on 2011-04-08)

New Version:
- Ability to create ratios and other operations within the "Create Indicator" form
- Ability to download data directly from the chart (Right click on the icon located at the bottom/right corner)
- New chart menu (bottom/left corner): You can specify permanent future bars, use a logarithmic scale...
- Complete redesign of the watchlist plug-in
- Ability to reference performance per day/week/month/year when creating a trading system score
- Ability to show/hide intraday data that occurs outside of regular hours
- Drawing items are now synchronized when using several charts with the same symbol and symbol link
- QuantShare works now with proxies that need authentication
- Pivot table allows the usage of text as indicator limits
- Added database/field description in tooltip when using GetData function

What's New in Version 2.2.2:
(Released on 2011-03-07)

New version:
- Ability to change screener cells color based on criteria using "SetColumnColor" function
- New GroupBy function allows you to perform - sum, avg, max.. - calculation by grouping data
- Ability to select which fields to display in the "Database Data" form
- Ability to create indicators based on static symbols directly from the "Add function" form
- Added new functions to the money management script (GetCategorySettings, IsLong...)
- Increased the number of thread limit in the Downloader tool to 16 (Select a download item, click Update, then Download Settings)

What's New in Version 2.2.1:
(Released on 2011-02-04)

- Create floating charts (Right clicking on a chart then Window Type)
- Ability to access optimization stats using the fitness script when optimizing trading systems and neural network models
- Access to databases data from the Pre-Script (Downloader)
- Added a second authentication server
- Added "IsInList" function. It allows you to detect whether a symbol is in a symbols list or a watchlist
- Added a pen drawing tool and more options to the text/font drawing tool
- Added new functions: HighestSince, HighestSinceBars, LowestSince, LowestSinceBars
- Added the "External Symbol" tab in the "Add Function" form (Appears when you click on the right-Left corner of a chart)
- Fix issues when using the simulator with "Reverse entry signal forces exit" option

What's New in Version 2.1.3:
(Released on 2011-01-15)

- On clicking on a chart, application updates the active bar of other charts with the same link id (symbol and time-frame)
- Composite function "comp" is now 2 times faster and it consumes 5 times less memory
- Added improvements to the Prediction tool
- Weekly and monthly time-frames supported by the Simulator
- Added ability to export screener data to a CSV file
- Added ability copy and paste drawing items
- Fixed a minor issue when parsing RSS feed
- Fixed several minor bugs

What's New in Version 2.1.2:
(Released on 2010-12-27)

- You can now move a chart using the mouse left button (Drag & Drop using the right button)
- Added an AND operator in the symbols filter control
- Text added to a chart is now automatically updated when the mouse move over a chart (PrintChart function)
- Fixed P123 Loading of Ranking Systems
- Ability to update chart margin using UpdateSettings function
- Ability to dynamically create databases and fields using the downloader (Pre-Script)
- Fixed buttons and inputs display when using a high DPI value
- Increased the output form limit

What's New in Version 2.1.1:
(Released on 2010-12-07)

- Ability to download data directly from the Watchlist and Symbol View form (Right click on a symbol)
- Trading Indicators can be accessed directly from the "Create Functions" plug-in using a class called TA
- Ability to set a number of days to keep intraday data
- Ability to specify the number of intraday days to use when working with the Screener/Watchlist
- Auto-Download Quotes works now with intraday data
- Added a special "Trading Rules" folder in Indicators List (View -> Indictors)
- Several minor additions and bug fixes

What's New in Version 2.1.0:
(Released on 2010-11-29)

- Create notes using the new Notes plug-in
- The new "Symbol View" plug-in allows you to display symbols from Symbols filters.
- Open charts are now visible in an MDI tab
- A trading strategy start & end dates can be automatically updated by setting the "N Last days" option in the simulator
- Ability to create hatched areas in charts
- Ability to update the size of the date, OHLC information text on the top of a chart
- Ability to move the Y-Axis
- Right clicking on the chart scrollbar opens a menu that allows you to quickly set start and end dates and to lock them.
- Ability to disable a formula from the formula editor
- Ability to reference custom historical timeframes in the pivot table plug-in
- Two new QuantShare functions added: LSwitch and AMA.

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